System for managing orders transportation - Kyiv
Riro - enterprise product that connects third-party ERP systems and transportation problems (routes optimization).
The app allows managing orders state across systems and planning delivery across customers.
Companies using the system include Epicentr, Omega, Aitas, PremierFOOD, ABM TMS

Technologies and instruments:
Front-end : React Native, NextJS, react-query, Google Maps API, OneSignal, i18n
Back-end: NestJS, MongoDB, Prisma, AWS Lambda, Sentry

List of routes for a logged-in driver for today

List of route waypoints with orders

Order and wares information
Route plan preview on map

Waypoint information with customers contacts

Not processed orders with functionality to accept or decline orders
Multi-language support

Users management
Routes management
Orders and wares management
Available on the App Store and Play Market