Application for food delivery in the city of Nikopol.

Made in a minimalist style.
Main screen
A list of establishments from which delivery is possible is displayed.
A search is implemented at the top of the screen - the user has the ability to immediately find the desired dish.
Restaurant menu
A list of menu categories has been implemented, they can be added through the web admin panel.
Dish screen
Nothing more, just minimalism.
In this window, the user can select a dish for ordering.
The number of positions can be changed.
Food Search
This window displays the dishes found, the search is carried out in all establishments.
Position determination
Implemented automatic positioning of the user's geo-location; no need to manually enter the name of your street and home.
The delivery area is highlighted in purple, if the user is abroad, delivery is not carried out, as the application notifies him.
The client enters all the information about his location, also indicates a convenient time for delivery, and if you need to add something, he writes it in notes.
Below is displayed the amount and list of ordered dishes.
Purchase history
The client can view the entire history of their orders, full information is available by clicking on the order.
Available on the App Store and Play Market
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