Application for a grocery delivery startup in the city of Lisbon.
Main screen
Available discounts and product categories are displayed.
Product categories
A list of product categories and subcategories has been implemented.
Product screen
Nothing more, just minimalism.
In this window, the user can select a product to order.
The number of positions can be changed, the cost increases proportionally.
Position determination
Implemented automatic determination of the user's geolocation, no need to manually enter the name of your street and house.
The delivery area is highlighted in purple, if the user is outside the borders, delivery is not carried out, which is notified by the application.
Клиент имеет возможность просмотреть все товары со скидками.
Order history
The client can view the entire history of his orders, full information is available by clicking on the order.
Available on the App Store and Play Market
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