Bairro website
Website for an instant grocery delivery startup - Lisbon
Bairro - startup of instant grocery delivery in Portugal. Our team started work from the first MVP version, the project successfully raised €4 million and our team was responsible for all frontend.
We've worked with top specialists, our CTO was ex-CTO Delivery Club, a fronted adviser from Samocat, and all backend team from Delivery Club.
Our team continues supporting that project.
Total 200K+ uploads

Technologies and instruments:
NextJS, Tailwind, Firebase, Google maps API, Lottie, react-query, react-hook-form, Adyen, Datadog

Main page
Fast choose: offers, sales, product categories, delivery address, cart
Fast and easy navigation of product categories
Search for products or categories
Product details
Get detailed information about the product
Position determination
Automatic geolocation of position and manual entering
List of addresses
Add another address or select the previously saved one
Cart and checkout
- change the address
- add or remove products
- delivery condition info
- change information about NIF, payment method, promo code, and comments
- recommendations are displayed for selected items in the shopping cart
Time slots
Choose a delivery time of the order when store is close
Courier tracking
Track the location of the courier on Active order
Order feedback
Once an order has been delivered, user can submit feedback