Picker app Bairro
App created for picker staff, and provide fast picking products and order invoicing
Bairro - startup of instant grocery delivery in Portugal. Our team started work from the first MVP version, the project successfully raised €4 million and our team was responsible for all frontend.
We've worked with top specialists, our CTO was ex-CTO Delivery Club, a fronted adviser from Samocat, and all backend team from Delivery Club.
Our team continues supporting that project.
Total 200K+ uploads

Technologies and instruments:
React native, MobX, RN Bluetooth, Sentry, Firebase, Google Analytics, printer library
, Mixpanel

Authentication by phone number, only for approved accounts of staff
Order list
View a list of active orders or orders history
Order screen
- details of the order
- swipe to assign the order
Order in progress
- press "+" to add or "-" to remove
- feature of product barcode scanning for add
- press the phone button to call the customer
- click on a product for details
Product screen
- displays the details of the product and it's quantity in the collection
- swipe to change the display of the next and previous product
Order not completed?
Warning about the lack of a set of products and their quantity is not enough when the user clicks "Picked"
Confirm picking
Show a notification confirming that the order can be fulfilled
Request to print a receipt
Once the order is packaged, a notification is displayed and the option to print via Bluetooth printer is displayed
Available on the App Store and Play Market